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Our Values

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We will grow and develop as a community dedicated to fostering self-confidence, professionalism, ambition, passion and success within the environment of television and radio program making in Afriica. We will achieve and promote these values through being open and attuned to the potential of all who can benefit from or contribute to the program making experience. We encourage our members to be generally well informed, keen to learn new techniques, improve their knowledge, enhance their performance and embrace new technologies and conduct their business in a professional manner

In September 2009 the Network for Television and Radio Advancement advertised membership openings in Network to all professionals in the fields of African Television and Radio. Its stated aim was "the stimulation of original and creative production work, and the encouragement of excellence through recognition, education and leadership in Television and Radio” The proposed ways to enforce this ideology were: Encouraging high standards of art and technique in persons engaged in production work and to celebrate excellence through the annual Awards Ceremony.

  1. Raising the profile of African talent & production, by actively promoting African excellence within the Network and ensuring that achievements are recognised and respected throughout the world.
  2. Establishing an academic program of activities to nurture and encourage emerging African talent.
  3. Safeguarding the integrity of the Network’s Annual Television and Radio Awards.
  4. Some of the Network's program of events includes: Educational events; Lectures, debates, master-classes, Q&A's and Workshop, along with networking evenings and social events.
  5. The Network produces the Annual Awards ceremony.
  6. The Network publishes a quarterly Television and Radio magazine and the monthly E-newsletters for the Network members, industry & corporate partners, outlining INTARA News, events, interviews and other industry news.
  7. The Network has extended its membership to international members (African industry professionals living abroad) and also invites a core group of international jury members in order to bring the work of African talent to the attention of prominent industry representatives across the world.
  8. The Network hosts the annual INTARA NATION'S TELEVISION AWARDS annual TELEVISION AND RADIO FESTIVAL, to enable program makers, practitioners and industry persons showcase their program, make deals and network.

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Intara has interesting sections on the website, we advice that you start by registering as a member, download newsletters and participate in the award nomination process.

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