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Festival Mission Statement

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The INTARA Television and Radio Festival (INTARA TVARF) is positioned to be a watershed event in television and radio history of Nigeria. As the first creative festival for the television and radio industry, the INTARA TVARF is a pioneer in the constructing of a new and innovative path of program development. For the first time, an national group of talented writers, directors, and producers, selected from a grassroots search, will be given the opportunity to showcase pilot programs directly to network and cable executives in one forum.

The challenge for Nigerian content producers is to bench mark their huge talents and potential to what is internationally accepted standards both technically and aesthetically. We have issued a challenge to industry practitioners to raise the bar on television and radio by providing a platform to measure the required production standards that has long been ignored because poor quality productions was the status quo. We can re-energize television and radio by promoting those shows that take the necessary pains to achieve excellence.

The INTARA Television and Radio Festival seek to ensure that artists benchmark their productions to the best industry standards worldwide.


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