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What To Expect When You Sign Up

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This Is What You Can Expect When You Sign Up.

The International Network for Television and Radio Advancement (INTARA) is a Nigerian-registered, not-for-profit limited company (No. ), which is owned by its members and managed by a board of elected Executive Members. Each member agrees to act in accordance with our Code of Practice, and to strive to maintain the highest levels of production competence and professionalism in their work.

The INTARA especially promotes those members who have passed an INTARA Assessment. This is achieved through facilities such as this web site (where all qualified members are listed), the INTARA magazine – TELEVISION AND RADIO NETWORK- and by the various industry promotional activities the INTARA facilitates with sponsors. We believe that if you are involved professionally in television and radio  - you should be an INTARA member.

International Network for Television and Radio Advancement (INTARA) is Nigeria’s premier resource and networking community for anyone working, or wishing to gain experience, within the television and radio industry.

INTARA exists to proactively and vigilantly advance the rights and interests of television and radio industry people and broadcasters.  As broadcasters’ #1 advocate, it’s vital that we have the support of all broadcasters to be effective on every issue.

INTARA members receive exceptional advocacy, information, career development and networking opportunities.
The cost to join is N6000 for professionals and N2000 for student’s members per year. Once you are a member you gain access to a wealth of information on the television and radio medium.

TELEVISION STATIONS N250, 000 per year - upload your weekly program schedule
RADIO STATIONS N100, 000 - upload your weekly program schedule.
ASSOCIATE COMPANIES   N500, 000 per year - your corporate logo is displayed on our Website and e-newsletter FOCUS
AFFILIATE STATES N1, 000, 000 per year – Upload your beautiful locations for program makers to view and link your website to us.


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Getting Started

Intara has interesting sections on the website, we advice that you start by registering as a member, download newsletters and participate in the award nomination process.

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