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INTARA Membership

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The International Network for Television and Radio Advancement membership applications are now available. Industry professionals who qualify for full membership will be eligible to vote in the annual Nation’s Television Awards, attend the many exclusive member events and avail of special member affiliate deals as they arise.

2009 is the INTARA inaugural year, and it is expected that a large number of professionals will sign up to become founding members. The Network’s is expected to impact positively throughout the industry leveraging on the Network’s role in connecting Nigeria’s program makers and broadcast communities across the country and the globe.

INTARA is expected to be an invaluable source of information about what goes on in the Nigerian Television and Radio industry. It will do a great job in keeping up the public profile of the industry. The Network performs a vital role in celebrating and encouraging excellence and innovation in all aspects of television and radio program production. This will ultimately enhance the craft and spread the word about Nigerian talent globally.

INTARA will work very hard to keep members informed and involved, and the wide range of seminars, workshops, screenings and master classes are an invaluable resource. The establishment of the INTARA is also a vital component in the institution of the Nation’s Television Awards which inaugural edition is scheduled for 6th November 2010.

Throughout the year members will be invited to attend
*Exclusive Preview Screenings & Premieres 
*Q&A sessions (with Producers, Costume Designers, Production Designers Directors, Cinematographers and Actors, Actress, Editors, Stunt Coordinators, Script writers etc
*Networking Events,
*Training Master classes
* Receptions.
*Regular competitions with prizes

CEO of International Network for Television and Radio Advancement said,  “The Network looks forward to an exciting first year. With a large number of Founding Members, strong chapters established in each State of the Federation; year-round industry events and workshops; we will build a strong network and voice for Nigerian Television and Radio both locally and internationally. INTARA is delighted to begin welcoming new members for it’s first year and looks forward to growth and the exciting schedule of events and industry initiatives and partnerships to come."
MEMBERSHIP – INTARA membership is open to all Nigerian professionals working in the television and radio industries in Nigeria and internationally. 
The INTARA is divided into 36 State Chapters and each state chapter has 14 industry units:
Hair & Make Up
Production Design
Etc. If you do not see your specialty listed here and feel that it should be added please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your request.

Further information, including Network Chapters, Eligibility, Application
Forms, etc, is available at:

The following is a taster to the resources you can access once you become a member of INTARA


E-Newsletter FOCUS
Production Section
Member's Articles
Industry Contacts
Writer's Section
Actor's Section
Members' CVs
Workshops, Seminars, Master Classes, courses
Annual Television and Radio Festival & Awards Ceremony


With the launch of our site we introduce the monthly newsletter.
INTARA -FOCUS - Straight from our network of industry contacts and spies, our monthly Production Report details who is doing what, where and when direct to your In-Box. Whether you are an actor, crew, director, producer or writer, we pass on vital information of programs that are in production every month. Invaluable if you want to get ahead in the business Members get the chance to post anything from items for sale to looking for cast and crew for their production or simply to tell us that special event that they are involved in. Workshop Segment of the newsletter updates on oncoming workshops, seminars, master classes and events. This keeps our Members informed on the details of our training program on the Television and Radio making process.
Updates on the INTARA Television and Radio Festival and Nation’s Television Awards. Keeps you up to date with news on the 2010 Inaugural event, be the first to know what's going on.

We are interested in hearing from Members with any ideas of what information they would like in the newsletter.  All suggestions are taken seriously and we follow up on all emails

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Our resources section is packed with everything to help you with the TELEVISON and RADIO making process from the planning of your production to information on television standards and union rates of pay, and much more;
Contracts, ready made from industry standard forms for actors to crew and
location permits

Information of health and safety issues on set and more.
Copyright Issues, giving you the facts on this controversial topic
Television and Radio production templates, for use with your television or
radio production

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Production Section

This is where you can get advice and help with making your project or production go smoothly.
An in-depth Guide To Making a Program, from conception and the importance of the script through to the finished product. This is a members led section where you can contribute to these articles
The "grammar" of television and radio is an important part of the production process; here we take a look at those 'special' words that make up the language of program making.
We look at the key positions within the process and examine those roles closely, helping you to understand what it is like to 'Get the job done'
Plus a lot more.

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Our scriptwriting competitions are run by INTARA and Television and Radio Academy Ltd
The INTARA 2009- 2010 Script Competitions in various genres (up to 80 pages) this competition is open to members only. For Deadlines go to INTARA Script Competitions. Professional crew and actors produce the winning script in any given genre. This is then aired at our very own INTARA Television and Radio Festival and Awards Ceremony in November 2010. Runner-up prizes are given to six wining scripts and used as learning tools in our script workshops over the year to November 2010.
This is one of the best script competitions in the country.

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Member's Articles

Members are encouraged to contribute to the monthly e-newsletter INTARA FOCUS and the Television and Radio NETWWORK Magazine.
Talk about Television and Radio - gives members the chance to have a rant, anything to do with the television and radio, leave a review or maybe talk about the latest production releases compared with television and radio around the world or of the past.
In the Member's Festivals and Events section you can read, and contribute articles on your personal experiences at festivals and events that industry persons need to tell us about.
Member's Essays are a welcome segment in the magazine. Your experiences making programs.
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Industry Contacts

A searchable database of Industry relevant contacts in covering the production spectrum including:

Production Companies
And many, many more added regularly.

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Writer's Section

Writers are an important part of the program making process. Here we give advice and help with writing issues including:
The INTARA Script Café where we offer our members a wide range of services in script management, at AFFORDABLE RATES; Our Reading and Basic Analysis of your script is carried out by industry professionals; An In-depth Analysis and Recommended Changes is also on offer to our Members Script Competitions. Professional cast and crew using the latest technology will produce the winning scripts in a given genre. The productions will then premier at our own INTARA TELEVISION and RADIO FESTIVAL. Six runner up scripts will be used in our Writing Workshops as learning tools, again the writers will have a finished program to show off their writing prowess Script Depository. For a mere N3000 for two years (scripts up to 150 pages), we offer our Members a service to safeguard their scripts or screenplays from copyright theft or simply a secure place to store your work in the event of accidents or loss. Pitch your script or idea, FREE on this site, to potentially hundreds of production companies, directors, producers or other INTARA Members looking for new and exciting projects to work on.

Plus many more articles for INTARA writers by INTARA writers; this is where you get the chance to influence what goes into the content of the INTARA website and possibly get your essays published.

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Actor's Section

We have given a section devoted to the ‘actor’. They are a special kind of person in this industry; they endure a myriad of personal and professional bruises. Actors can share in this section:
A taster of their life. Whether it's on the set of a TV show, location or radio Being an actor can be wonderful, or it can be tough. INTARA members can write series of articles. Log in and have you say on the rigours of being an actor in today’s television and radio industryTips and hints for that all important audition Plus many more interesting and amusing articles on being a working actor.

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Member's CVs

Get access to our members CVs:
Post and edit an up to date biography of yourself, including photographs
Search our database of CVs from other Members
There’s help on how to create a curriculum vitae that employers want to read
Job and audition interview tips, this may seem obvious but there are some practical points raised, to help with the audition process
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Workshops, Master Classes, Seminars and Courses

Learn the basics of making your program from our production workshops, master classes, seminars and courses throughout the year. For times and locations of our study programs in your area, and prices, see the section on
Workshops, Master Classes, Seminars and Courses on this website

Here are some of the tutorials and lectures that you can expect to see in our calendar:

  • Acting For The Camera
  • Radio Drama production
  • Writing the Radio Comedy
  • Basic Filmmaking techniques
  • Writing for The Screen
  • Creating an Original Program
  • The Producer's role in Program Making
  • Production Managing a low budget program
  • Directing from behind the camera
  • Using Sound to tell a story
  • Script Supervising and Continuity: Doing it Right.

Career Development
Career Center
INTARA Executive Development Program for Radio Broadcasters (EDP)
INTARA Management Development Seminar for Television Executives (MDS)
Satellite Uplink Operators Training Seminar
INTARA Broadcast Leadership Training program (BLT)

More to come.

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Annual Television and Radio Festival & Awards Ceremony

In November 2010 we are launching the first of an annual Television and Radio Festival and Nation’s Television Awards. This five-day event, with prizes and awards given out to a plethora of winning entrants, is expected to be a watershed in the Television and Radio Industry in Nigeria.

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Other Member benefits:
Strong grassroots action
Unified voice to national assembly and the Courts
Small market initiatives

Download Your INTARA Member Logo
Industry research
Public service campaigns

Conference and Exhibit Booth Discounts
Registration discounts
Exhibit booth discounts
Cost saving services
Promotional products
Discount programs

Join Up Today!

This is the place where you can join INTARA and become a member of the fastest growing TELEVISION AND RADIO community in NIGERIA

Once you have paid your membership dues and emailed payment details to us, you will be emailed your pin code to access the restricted areas of the site.
Complete your details to give you full access to the INTARA resources.


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