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Much has been said and written about the productivity of Nollywood as the third largest content producer behind Bollywood and Hollywood. Quantity without quality will not get us to where we aught to be. So in this week's blog, I want us to consider how we get to the "Next Level" in general terms and in subsequent weeks examine each of the aspect highlighted in a more in depth manner. I will appreciate readers contribution in the development of this topic. THE BASICS Scriptwriting must head the list. Scriptwriting is about the most strategic aspect in the production of a good movie. The scriptwriter creates the images that the director interprets, he creates the words the actors speak, and he even helps set the pace of the movie for the director. Without a good script there can be no good movie. Scripts should be well crafted so as to have excellent dramatic elements, plots and sub plots. GETTING THE ACT TOGETHER Once a great script is at hand,then those interpreting the roles must get their acts together. Acting. Actors must be able to interpret the script properly and give excellent performance. LIGHT, CAMERA, SOUND. A great script and excellent performances by the cast can be destroyed by poor technical quality. Those involved with the technical aspects of productions must be well-qualified technicians. Technicians must take pride in their jobs, by learning the necessary skills, re-learning and always updating their skills so that the technical quality of the productions are improved upon. CREATIVITY Creativity is all about learning, improving oneself, recognizing that one does not know everything about everything. – Actor and Broadcaster Taiwo Obileye PROFESSIONALISM IN NOLLYWOOD First, mediocrity thrives in Nollywood. Some actors and actresses don’t take the pain to learn the art of acting; they just gate crash and make a mess of the industry. In the same vein, some producers just produce movies with outdated cameras and constitute a nuisance with poor audio and visual quality. A lot of people just jump into it. The issue should be squarely addressed by the various guilds in the industry and with time, I believe that there will be a proper setting for the professionals to thrive. A proper Actors Guild that could monitor the level, the background and the professional qualification of actors and actresses coming into the industry should be put in place. – Producer Chico Ejiro ART FOR ART’S SAKE Yes, it is important that artists and creatives make a living out of their profession, but the pursuit of gain at the expense of excellence is not what the creative industry is all about. As the entertainment journalist Victor Akande succinctly stated, “There are certain things the arts profession does to its practitioners; a sense of self contentment, a fulfilling sense of creative endeavours, a radical romance with thoroughness and a serious affiliation with immaterialism”.